Sinevis Support Services can enhance your security solution with a comprehensive support plan that provides important alerts, valuable upgrades, and access to expert advice. Sinevis provides the resources you need to quickly and proactively resolve product-related issues and questions to ensure business continuity.

Enhanced Support — Round-the-Clock, Rapid Resolution

Enhanced Support delivers 7x24 around-the-clock remote support

Personalized Support Options

Personalized Support Options are designed to complement our Enhanced Support service contracts with access to technical experts any time, day or night, and provide customers with a strategic personalized support relationship. The following Personalized Support Options offer supplemental services that can be added:

  1. Remote Designated Support Engineer
  2. Onsite Designated Support Engineer
  3. API Development Support
  4. Development of custom parsers (UDS) for RSA enVision and RSA Security Analytics for Logs (RSA Netwitness).
  5. Custom Splunk App Development.
  6. RSA Netwitness Packets and Splunk integration
  7. Migration from RSA enVision SIEM to RSA Netwitness for Logs or Splunk
  8. Migration from RSA Security Analytics to Splunk

Residency Services

Sinevis Residencies comprise a range of services—from assisting with day-to-day operations and filling critical staff gaps to optimizing of processes, procedures, and support with industry best practices. RSA Residencies deploy highly skilled, specialized professionals to address your critical security needs.

Tasks would include: Status reporting, configuration, internal or external customer support, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, documentation, and operations management.

Our Residents enable you to:

  1. Realize greater and faster ROI on information infrastructure assets.
  2. Improve operational efficiencies.
  3. Expand management and support.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Narrow staff, skill, and/or experience gaps without additional headcount.
  6. Improve planning and operational insight.

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