Sinevis Consulting Services integrates consulting with solution delivery, providing you with a single partner to define security strategies and deliver results. We can help your organization implement solutions that mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and accelerate business objectives.

Sinevis Consulting Services deliver:

  1. Expertise – Leverage unparalleled technologies and experience to help solve your most difficult security and compliance challenges.
  2. Depth – Benefit from knowledge and scope unmatched in the industry to architect a range of security solutions.
  3. Connectivity – Access an ecosystem of professional service firms, consultant technology partners.

Our Professional Services Team guides you through the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your solutions, helping to ensure a lasting return on your technology investment. We provide a broad array of custom services as well as residency and training services that help address key security needs and challenges. We help transform RSA’s industry-leading technology into information security solutions that deliver value for our customers.

Delivery Methodology:

Sinevis services methodology utilizes a four-phased service delivery framework (strategy – design – implement – operate) based on industry best practices and designed to address end-to-end solution fulfillment needs. The framework addresses the ability to define business and infrastructure requirements, design the solution, efficiently implement and transition into production, as well as fulfill ongoing maintenance and operational needs

With more than 10 years of experience in the security industry, Sinevis Professional Services utilizes a proven services methodology that leverages best practices, compliance and security frameworks, and industry standards to provide you with a comprehensive information security solution. Implementing this framework will enable you to protect your organization against the major threats to your data such as breaches by privileged users, lost or stolen media, and lapses or failures of defined security processes. By following this framework, companies can not only improve their ability to secure sensitive customer data, but also to protect revenue, ensure customer loyalty, and meet government regulations. Sinevis Professional Services' solution design, implementation, optimization and management services help our customers achieve security objectives and realize the greatest value of your solutions.

NESA Compliance Services (UAE)

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) is tasked with securing UAE's Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and improving national cyber security. To achieve this, NESA has introduced a set of assurance guidelines and standards for all government and other entities considered as critical national services. The main objective behind these guidelines is to improve cyber security awareness across the emirates, and foster collaboration at the sector and national levels. NESA has also developed a federal cyber risk framework based on international best practices and standards. With this framework, NESA will identify, assess, monitor, communicate and plan cyber security.
We assist our customers in achieving and maintaining compliance to the NESA IAS:
+ Gap Analysis
+ Training
+ Risk Assessment
+ Implementation
+ Annual Compliance Audits

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